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New Releases. We talk to Neil Sorens from Zen Studios. News. Vita Price Drop rumored. Final Fantasy XIV Early Access. Zatanna coming to Injustice. Corey Barlog returns to Santa Monica Studios. What We’re Playing and Watching. Review of Saints Row IV. Review of the Elgato Game Capture HD. Review of The Captains: Close Up. PAX. Comedian is Maria Bamford. http://psnation.com

2:20 - Disney Infinity
8:30 - Call of Duty Ghosts
21:10 - Kickbeat
43:01 - Castlestorm
1:34:44 - PES 2014
1:41:90 - Ducktales Remastered
1:44:38 - CoD: Black Ops 2
Break Music is from Tempest 2000
1:57:00 - Saints Row IV
2:24:45 - Elgato Game Capture HD
Comedian is Maria Bamford
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