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Episode 1 of the We Just Like Games Podcast. Rey and Glenn ruminate about the latest gaming news, and then Glenn talks about the Dreamcast. Sorry about Glenn's mic, it'll be fixed next time.

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Rey and Glenn bring the PS Nation Podcast to its demise so that it can rise from the ashes in a new form. Thanks to everyone that have stuck with our silliness for so many years -Glenn

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Rey and Glenn rise from a deep, frozen, powerless sleep to talk about the past couple of months, some games, and what’s entertaining them on TV. Comedy clip from Bob and Brian
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Rey and Glenn discuss their first few days with the PS5
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Dale Kulas joins Glenn, and sits-in for Rey to talk PS5 and XBOX Series, Glenn reviews Yakuza Like A Dragon, then tons of PS2! Check our new sponsor, manscaped.com and use Promo Code ‘TorgoHype’ for 20% off and free shipping! Extra Life!
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Rey and Glenn talk PS5 Backward Compatibility, PS4 Firmware fails, and prep for PS5. A Preview of Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Reviews of Torchlight 3 and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw +More! Comedian is Marc Maron
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Glenn and Rey discuss the PS5 Teardown, Cyberpunk going Gold, Trophy changes, PlayStation losing its identity, Star Wars Squadrons, and EXTRA LIFE! Comedian is Amy Schumer.
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Rey and Glenn come back after only a WEEK to discuss Microsoft purchasing Bethesda, messaging changing for the Series S, people buying the wrong X, storage expansion on the new consoles, Preorder debacles everywhere, and Amazon once again saying “us too”, and we read some emails. Comedian is Brian Regan
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Glenn and Rey discuss the newest PS5 presentation, pricing, and release date. Then we have Previews/Reviews of Immortals Fenyx Rising, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Project Cars 3, and MUCH more! Comedian is Ron White
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New reveals including Suicide Squad, CoD Cold War, and Ghost of Tsushima. PS5 Invites, new patch for Iron Man VR. Previews for Transformers, Ary and the Secret Of Seasons, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla +MORE!
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The release may have been delayed, but we still had some fun talking about CyberPunk, Pinball, and Star Wars. Then Glenn rages a bit about Internet Douchebaggery. 3 Reviews also included! Comedian is Kevin Pollack
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Rey and Glenn talk about some new PS5 rumors, while we’ve got hands-on with Watch Dogs Legion to discuss as well. Reviews for Crosscode, Iron Man VR, and Ghost of Tsushima. Comedian is Greg Geraldo. psnation.com
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The Official The Last of Us Podcast. Episode One drops on June 9th and we’ll be dropping new episodes of this limited series every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks. Subscribe now so you don't miss a thing.
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Rey and Glenn are joined by Stewart Gilray to give their thoughts and impressions after the PS5 Reveal, then Rey reviews The Last of Us Part 2. Comedian is Dave Attell
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Rey joins Glenn again to talk about the presentations for the Series X, PS5, and Ghost of Tsushima. Reviews for Ion Fury, Streets of Rage 4, Super Mega Baseball 3, Pixel Ripped 1995 (PSVR)
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Rey joins Glenn to talk about games that have all seemingly evolved from older iterations. Streets of Rage 4, Doom Eternal, modding the PlayStation Classic Mini, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Comedian is Dana Gould
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Glenn hosted a livestream to discuss the revealed Specs for the XBOX Series X and the PS5, then released it as a podcast! Comedian is Chris Hardwick
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Dale Kulas joins Glenn to talk James Bond, PlayStation Now, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, and a ton of Retro Gaming subjects. Also, we address a few questions from the community. Comedian is Bill Hicks.
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Both Jason and Rey join Glenn to talk about Dreams, PlayStation VR, movies, nerd stuff, and even answer a couple of emails! Comedian (by request) is Lewis Black
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Jason Roestel joins Glenn to talk about Death Stranding, Modern Warfare, a bunch of movies, and why Downtown Seattle is a toilet. Comedy Clip is from Monty Python, RIP Terry Jones
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Rey joins Glenn again to, among other things, review Golem and Touring Karts for PSVR, and review The Outer Worlds. Also joining us is our longtime friend Dale Kulas to talk all things retro, and to review Shenmue 3. Comedian is Brian Posehn
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Rey joins Glenn to talk Retro Gaming, Fallout 76 ridiculousness, PS Vue being shutdown, and VR Stuff. Reviews of Modern Warfare and Death Stranding. Comedian is Patton Oswalt.
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David Jaffe joins Glenn to discuss streaming, XBOX Game Pass, Google Stadia, and other stuff that crosses their minds. Comedian is Adam Sandler.
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Glenn is back to host the show, and Stewart Gilray drops by to help out. Topics include why they’re here, Shawn Layden’s exit, some demos, PS4 System Update, GRID from Codemasters, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, GT Sport updates, New PlayStation 5 news. Comedian is Robert Schimmel
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Michael is back from Disney. Breakdown of latest State of Play with the announced release date for Last of Us Part II. More Borderlands 3 talk and of course your #askpsnation questions.
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Extra Life Raffle (building an app), Genesis Mini, Polymer, Dreamcast, SNK/Neo Geo news, Gears 5, Wreckfest, Control, Death Stranding, Modern Warfare beta, Community questions and topics!
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Michael is getting ready for vacation. Dave talks early Borderlands 3 impressions. Both talk Modern Warfare Beta and why we are enjoying it. More sports questions using #askpsnation
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Dave and MJC wonder why people are debating about the CROSS button and briefly talk about early TGS news including Resident Evil Project Resistance. MJC is still swinging his hammer In Monster Hunter while Dave hits the court in NBA 2K20.
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Torgo’s mixer can’t stop buzzing, but there’s a lot to discuss like the Extra Life raffle, GT Sport, Streets of Rage 4, Insomniac, and a bunch of topics submitted by the community.
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Dave is finally able to talk about his time in San Francisco playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. While MJC returns to the world of Monster Hunter in preparation for the upcoming Iceborne DLC. And as always your #AskPSNation questions.
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In a light news week MJC and Dave focus on Control, the latest game from Remedy Entertainment. Then the boyzzzzzzzzz tackle community questions in #AskPSNation and Dave finally saw Toy Story 4.
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Michael and Dave dive deep into Sony's purchase of Insomniac Games and the future of Spiderman, Rachet and Clank and Resistance. Bit Bash recap and what were playing and watching. Plus your #askpsnation questions.
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It's a short episode this week as MJC and Dave prepare for the fall game rush. We spend some time talking about multiplatform and exclusivity future of games then dive into #AskPSnation.
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Michael and Dave dive into the cross play beta news for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Gamescom news, new releases and what we’re playing and watching. We find out what Michael and Dave did during free time in high school. #askpsnation
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Glenn talks Turbografx Mini, the Polymega retro console, Luminary podcast player stealing and profiting from our content, Iron Man VR, Blazing Chrome, Alita: Battle Angel, MGC 2020, and much more.
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Fresh off vacation, Dave joins MJC and they spend a lot of time talking PS4 sales figures. MJC reviews both the SnakeByte Headset 4 Pro and Turtle Beach Recon Spark headsets while Dave dives into his backlog with Uncharted Lost Legacy.
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This week MJC has recruited his buddy JC to record this week’s episode last second while Dave enjoys a poorly internet connected vacation. MJC and JC waste little time diving into Kingdom Hearts 3 talk and keep the conversation under the Disney umbrella with extended MCU and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 talk
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Glenn's mind has been wandering quite a bit lately, so take a peek inside as he talks about PS Nation happenings, PS5, New games, a bunch of retro stuff, and he answers some questions from the community. Comedy Clip is from Ron White. Opening song is 'Chasing Ghosts' by Murder by Death.
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Dave and Michael talk news briefly as well as what they are playing and watching. Take a dive into the communities #askpsnation questions.
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Dave and Michael are back and "rested" from E3. Dave actually talks wrestling with Michael. What We’re Playing and Watching. And your post E3 #askpsnation questions
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Michael and Dave discuss a light news week, what defines a hardcore gamer. Michael reviews the Astro C40 controller and lots of sports talk with your #askpsnation questions.
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Dave and Michael both have multiple interviews with various games from E3 2019
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Dave and Michael recap Thursday the last day of E3 2019. We also reveal our “Best of E3 2019” awards. We also live broadcasted the podcast on twtich.tv/psnation
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Dave and Michael recap Wednesday at E3 2019. We are also live broadcasting the podcast on twtich.tv/psnation
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Dave and Michael recap the first full day of E3 2019. We are also live in twitch this year. Twitch.tv/psnation
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Dave and Michael recap Ubisoft and Square Enix press conferences. We are also live broadcasting the podcast on twtich.tv/psnation
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Dave and Micheal recap Microsoft and Bethesda’s press briefing. This year's shows are live on twitch as well. twitch.tv/psnation
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The guys get sucked in by Kojima: “DS is not a stealth game. Could move subjectively but not a FPS shooting game either. By incorporating with the concept of connection(strand), it's totally brand new genre called action game/strand game(social strand system).” #askpsnation
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Stewart Gilray joins the show for his annual E3 predictions episode. The guys talk Death Stranding, the state of E3, and some predictions and hopes. Stewart also joins in for the #askpsnation questions.
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On this week's show Dave and MJC discuss the implications of the recently announced partnership between Sony and Microsoft. MJC reviews A Plague Tale: Innocence. And in #AskPSnation, the guys go over their favorite games from each PlayStation generation.
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This week Dave gives his early impressions of Rage 2 and MJC shares his thoughts on A Plague Tale: Innocence. And later in the show MJC shares his total normal not weird opinions on food. Plus your #askpsnation questions
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PS Nation gets sexy this week with community questions, but first Dave and MJC discuss expectations for the next State of Play and Epic’s acquisition of Psyonix. #askpsnation www.psnation.com
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games and movies including Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones, plus the new season of anime. Meanwhile in the news, the we finally got some information about the PlayStation 5. The anime of the month is Heroman. Also, stick around at the end for an Avengers Endgame spoiler discussion.
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A start to the new normal. Michael and Dave talk PS4 and PS3 numbers and developer’s working conditions. They discuss “Days Gone” as Dave plans to stream the whole game. The guys also answer the communities #askpsnation questions.
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Review of Days Gone. Glenn makes a guest appearance. Some next generation console specs confirmed. What were playing and watching, along with your #askpsnation questions. https://psnation.com
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It’s just Michael and Josh this week and they’re excited for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Disney+ (Lizzie McGuire). In Playing and Watching, Michael has some zombie related content to share while Josh tells us about a new game called Trüberbrook.
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Dave, Josh, and Michael discuss Anthem development woes. Josh returns to some old games, MJC returns to Overwatch, and Dave is still in The Division 2. The guys discuss the MCU, Wrestlemania, and your #askpsnation questions.
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games and movies, in particular Captain. Meanwhile in the news, the Japanese voice actor for Olaf and a character in Judgement was arrested for cocaine use and we dive into the implications of that. The anime of the month is Yusibu: I Couldn`t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.
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Packed episode this week: tons of news, Josh went to a PS VR event in NYC, early impressions of Marvel’s Iron Man VR,. In Playing & Watching all three hosts talk Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, early impressions of MLB The Show 19, and the survival RPG Outward. Plus your #AskPSNation questions.
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The guys discuss the State of Play Showcase and Sony pulling game codes from retailers. Michael talks about C2E2 and Josh has a problem with his Vita. All this and more questions using #AskPSNation.
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Dave, Josh, and MJC dive deep into Google's gaming announcement and come out the other end somewhat optimistic and filled with questions. In What We're Playing Dave and Josh are all about The Division 2 while MJC is on the PS2? Your #askpsnation questions.
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Josh is back! We talk about no E3 Press Conference for EA. Reviews of ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove and Anthem as well as very early impressions of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. What we’re playing and watching along with more #askpsnation questions.
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Josh is still out sick, Michael and Dave try not to go through withdrawal as they discuss all two of March’s PS Plus games and more Anthem woes. What we’re playing and watching and we answer more #askpsnation questions.
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games and movies with a big discussion of the live action version of Alita Battle Angel. Meanwhile Andy ventures onto the Flat Earth with a Netflix documentary. The anime of the month is Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.
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Josh is out sick this week so Michael and Dave try to fill the gap. 2018 Golden Minecarts Winners announced! Kingdom Hearts III review. Impressions of Anthem from the opening weekend. What we’re playing and watching along with your questions using #askpsnation
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Dave, Michael, and Josh talk Activision layoffs. Review of Far Cry New Dawn. Michael and Josh are loving Tetris 99 and we answer a bunch of questions using #AskPSNation.
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Apex Legends launched this week and MJC has been playing it a ton while Josh and Dave played The Division 2 private beta. A review of Atari Flashback Classics Vol.3 and we discuss which company is more reliable, EA or Ubisoft. http://psnation.com #AskPSNation
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We’re back to normal this week with a packed show! Impressions of The Division 2 and Rage 2. Josh and Michael dive deep into the Dreams Beta and after a long wait Michael finally gets his hands on Kingdom Hearts III. Plus a Golden Minecarts Update. http://psnation.com
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games, movies, and the best anime of 2018. The anime of the month is Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero.
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The guys are joined by the co-hosts of the Side Quest Podcast, Andy and Wyatt, to announce and discuss the nominations for PS Nation’s 2018 Golden Minecart Awards.
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This week we bring interviews and impressions for Trials: Rising and Far Cry: New Dawn. In What We’re Playing we have impressions for Future Grind and old TV show video games.
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Another cross platform game for the PS4, EA’s troubles with Star Wars, Bungie and Activision get a divorce, along with a ton of written reviews, and a PS Nation World Tour in #AskPSNation.
Direct download: PSNation-Ep608-WorldTour.mp3
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With Dave out on assignment, Josh and MJC are here to talk about PS4 sales figures and an Overwatch character coming out of the closet. And in #AskPSNation we discuss Josh’s worst fear, video games being taken off digital shelves.
Direct download: PSNation-Ep607-UpEighteenCents.mp3
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Happy New Year! Light news week. Lots of TV and movie talk. More #askpsnation feedback from the community.
Direct download: PSNation-Ep606-BeTheBest.mp3
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Single player online connections are apparently still a thing. The price of the PlayStation Classic is in a free fall. Trolls think they put one over on Insomniac, and we have a long discussion about the IGN Borderlands 2 VR situation.
Direct download: PSNation-Ep605-SoClassic.mp3
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games, anime, and Netflix picking up the classic Evangelion after many years of licensing limbo. And the anime of the month: Toradora.
Direct download: PSNationSideQuest-Ep028-NetflixGenesisEvangelion.mp3
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It's a week before Christmas and the crew get into the holiday spirit with discussions on lawsuits and Kingdom Hearts III thievery. We are light on What We’re Playing, but heavy on community feedback and questions.
Direct download: PSNation-Ep604-NotSoHappyDays.mp3
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The holiday season is upon us as new releases dry up and awards shows abound. We discuss the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, The Video Game Awards, and a bunch of game announcements that came out of both. Rush VR is reviewed and Michael and Josh go down a Trophy rabbit hole because of a listener question.
Direct download: PSNation-Ep603-TheLastTrophy.mp3
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A startlingly bad business decision by Bethesda, December’s PS Plus update, and a contest for Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC. Josh reviews Arca’s Path and Michael reviews PlayStation Home... er, Fallout 76. And just where did that new transition music come from?
Direct download: PSNation-Ep602-HomeIsWhereTheFalloutIs.mp3
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Back to a new normal after celebrating 600 episodes. Reviews of Darksiders III and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Impressions of Scuf Vantage controller and Fallout 76. What we’re playing and watching and some odd community questions using #askpsnation. Psnation.com
Direct download: PSNation-Ep601-TheNewNormal.mp3
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Join us as we break format for Episode 600 and take a look back at the history of the PlayStation Nation podcast.
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games, anime, FromSoftware, and the anime of the month: Occult Academy.
Direct download: PSNationSideQuest-Ep027-TakeTwo.mp3
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Dave, Josh, and Michael preview Episode 600 and dive into a discussion of Xbox Game Pass. Michael geeks out over Tetris Effect, Dave is going to start ramping up streaming, and Josh talks Extra Life 2018. The guys answer #askpsnation questions. www.psnation.com
Direct download: PSNation-Ep599-PassTheGames.mp3
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Josh, Michael, and Dave update Extra Life 2018 - there’s still time to donate to be part of the raffle. Then down a rabbit hole of bunnies and horses they go. The guys also have a question for the audience. #askpsnation www.psnation.com
Direct download: PSNation-Ep598-HorseAndBunnyTales.mp3
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Glenn stops by for an update about Extra Life 2018. PlayStation Classic games lineup revealed, positive vibes around Red Dead 2. Josh reviews Paw Patrol on a Roll. What we’re playing and watching, along with #askpsnation questions. https://psnation.com
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Dave returns with some brief editing issues again as well as giving his thoughts on name changes. Michael reviews Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Josh does his review of Bridge Constructor Compilation. What we're playing and watching, along with your questions from #askpsnation http://psnation.com
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Josh and MJC celebrate the news that PSN ID name changes are finally happening and discuss Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Josh reviews Blind and we answer community questions.
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Josh is back from New York City Comic-Con with his impressions. Reviews of ASTRO BOT Rescue mission and NHL 19. What we’re playing and watching and impressions of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The Telltale saga continues and questions from the community. #askpsnation
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games, anime, and movies including the My Hero Academia movie. And the anime of the month: Soul Eater.
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Dave and MJC mourn an absent Josh for 5 seconds then discuss the latest Cross-Play update to Fortnite. Dave reviews Destiny 2: Forsaken and gives his impressions of Mega Man 11 followed by questions from the community.
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The guys discuss Telltale Games closing and the state of episodic gaming. Reviews of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Operation Warcade and an early preview of the Arcade1Up cabinets. What we're playing and watching along with your questions using #askpsnation http://psnation.com
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This week the guys discuss inclusivity in games. Michael reviews Yakuza Kiwami 2, Josh talks NHL 19, and Dave is still deep into Destiny 2: Forsaken.
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This week the guys discuss The Judge, THQ Nordic’s continuing resurrection, and some sweet new PS VR bundles. We have reviews of Madden NFL 19, Plantronics RIG 4VR, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider along with what we’re playing and watching and your questions and comments from email and #AskPSNation.
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about games, games, and all the more games that are coming out. We also talk anime and movies with Disenchanted on Netflix, and the anime of the month: The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior.
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Josh, Michael, and Dave touch on the newest update to PS Plus, talk a little puddlegate and Michael reviews Marvel's Spider-Man. Community questions spark another walk down memory lane with arcade games.
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New releases continue to flow, we interview with Gary Corriveau, Lead Designer at Drinkbox for Guacamelee 2. What we’re playing and watching. MJC tries to get Josh to pick a favorite game of all time because of a listener question. #askpsnation http://psnation.com
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The onslaught of Fall releases has begun. In news, The Spyro Reignited Trilogy is delayed and Supermassive announces a new horror anthology while PS VR has sold 3 million units. We also have reviews of Guacamelee! 2 and We Happy Few along with your questions from #AskPSnation.
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Cross-Play is another hot topic this week with Bethesda and a brief preview of Guacamelee 2. Reviews of Tempest 4000, Plantronics RIG 500 Pro headphones, and LEGO The Incredibles. What we're playing and watching along with your questions from #AskPSnation
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about Destiny, Moonlighter, card games, and much more. We also talk anime and movies with Ant-man and the Wasp, Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory, and the anime of the month: Nichijou.
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Dave returns to try to get the crew back on track. Reviews of The Mooseman, Anamorphine, and Airheart - Tales of broken Wings. Recap of Evo 2018 along with what we’re playing and watching. https://psnation.com
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