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Guest Host Phil Kollar along with Glenn and Jarrod.Emails.Thoughts on GT5 Prologue demo and Heavenly Sword.What we're playing.Interview with David Jaffe.News.New on the Store.New Releases for PS3 and BR.
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Emails.Review of Sega Rally Revo.Listener review of Crazy Taxi for PSP.Contest Winner.Dual Shock 3 update.What we're playing.News.New on the Store.PS3 and Blu-Ray New Releases.
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Emails and Voicemail.Hands-on of the Ratchet and Clank demo.Review of Everyday Shooter. Review of Folklore.MLB Power Pros Contest.What We've Been Playing.News.New on the Store. New Releases. Torgo Time.
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Emails and Voicemails.Review of MLB Poweer Pros, and a new contest.Listener Review of Skate.What We're Playing.News.New on the PSN Store.New Releases.Blu-Ray New Releases.
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