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Emails and Voicemails.Technosoft Contest Winner.News.New on the PSN Stores.New releases.Blu Ray New Releases.Review of the PSN Video Store.Review of Batllefield Bad Company.What We're Playing.
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E3 Spectacular.Conversations about the Nintendo and MS press events.What we saw for PSP and PS2.Phone call with the Fanboys.Thoughts and discussion on PS3 game announcements.
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Emails and Voicemails.News.New and Notable on the PSN Stores.Blu Ray New Releases.New Releases.What We're Playing.
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July 4th Roundtable.Emails.News.New on the PSN Store.Blu Ray New releases.Review of DragonBall Z Burst Limit.What We're Playing.What is The Goo?
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Special July 4th Episode that will require us to release the show a couple of days later than normal
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