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This week Josh reviews Mulaka and Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality. Dave gives first impressions of the latest Destiny 2 DLC and MJC tells of his struggles returning to Call of Duty. http://psnation.com
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The guys discuss a new release date on an interesting Indie title, the eye popping sales numbers of God of War, take a detour into some 80s nostalgia, Michael's review of Tacoma,, and some great community questions from #AskPSNation. http://psnation.com
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This week we have plenty to say about The Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date, May's PS Plus games and H1Z1 coming to PS4. Then MJC reviews Epic Dumpster Bear while Dave and Josh get nostalgic over old sports games. http://psnation.com
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Quest with Andy and Wyatt as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In this quest, we talk about the new season of anime, God of War, and maybe some RPGs? We also go all in on Avengers: Infinity War plus other superheroes like My Hero Academia and the anime of the month, One Punch Man. Also, stick around after the end of the show for an impromptu spoilercast about the latest Avengers film. And some RPGs?
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