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Stewart Gilray joins us in the 3rd chair. New Releases. Odin Sphere is coming to PS4. North American release dates for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. World of Tanks beta coming soon to PS4. Valkyria Chronicles is coming to PS4 (in Japan). PlayStation Experience. Break music is from Odin Sphere. What We’re playing and watching. Emails. Comedian is Richard Jeni. http://psnation.com
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New Releases. Gravity Rush Remastered physical release confirmed. Disney Infinity: The Force Awakens power discs detailed. DARIUSBURST: Chronicle Saviour coming to Vita & PS4. PlayStation Vue expanding to more devices. What we’re playing and watching. Around PS Nation. Review of Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Email. PlayStation Experience update. Comedian is Ron Funches. http://psnation.com
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New releases. New in-ear headset for PS4 coming from Sony. Huge NHL 16 Update. Update on your PlayStation Mobile games. MST3K Kickstarter. Around PS Nation. What we’re playing and watching/Extra Life 2015 recap. Emails. PlayStation Experience. Comedian is Robert Schimmel. http://psnation.com
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New Releases. Paris Games Week wrapup. Mutators coming to Rocket League. PlayStation Plus update for November. 29.4 million PS4’s shipped so far. What we’re playing and watching. Around PS Nation. Review of Destiny: The Taken King. Review of the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headphones. Extra Life 2015. Comedian is Louis CK. http://psnation.com/extra-life
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