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This week MJC has recruited his buddy JC to record this week’s episode last second while Dave enjoys a poorly internet connected vacation. MJC and JC waste little time diving into Kingdom Hearts 3 talk and keep the conversation under the Disney umbrella with extended MCU and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 talk
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Glenn's mind has been wandering quite a bit lately, so take a peek inside as he talks about PS Nation happenings, PS5, New games, a bunch of retro stuff, and he answers some questions from the community. Comedy Clip is from Ron White. Opening song is 'Chasing Ghosts' by Murder by Death.
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Dave and Michael talk news briefly as well as what they are playing and watching. Take a dive into the communities #askpsnation questions.
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Dave and Michael are back and "rested" from E3. Dave actually talks wrestling with Michael. What We’re Playing and Watching. And your post E3 #askpsnation questions
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Michael and Dave discuss a light news week, what defines a hardcore gamer. Michael reviews the Astro C40 controller and lots of sports talk with your #askpsnation questions.
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