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New Releases. News. What We're Playing. Hands-On with KoF12 and Fate/Unlinited Codes. Reviews of NCAA Football 10, Unbound Saga, and Shatter. Emails and Voicemails. Trophy Watch. Comedian is Date Attell.
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New Releases. Interview for Killzone 2 Map Pack 3. News. Interview for Fat Princess. What We're Playing. Review of Namco Museum Essentials. Review of Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman. Voicemails. New Segment. Winner of the inFamous Contest. Comedian is Dave Attell
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New Releases. News. Emails and Voicemails. SEGA Contest Winner. New Contest. What We're Playing. Review of Overlord 2. Review of Battlefield 1943. Comedian is Brian Regan.
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New Releases.News.Emails and Voicemails.Contest Winner.New Contest.iTunes Logo Winners.What We're Playing.Reviews of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen,Punisher No Mercy,and Blazblue Calamity Trigger.Hands-On with Battlefield 1943.
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New Releases.Interview with Julian Mehlfeld from Sega.News.Contest Winner.Emails and Voicemail.What We're Playing.Review of Devil Summoner 2.Hands-on with BlazBlue.Contest.
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