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The guys are joined by the co-hosts of the Side Quest Podcast, Andy and Wyatt, to announce and discuss the nominations for PS Nation’s 2018 Golden Minecart Awards.
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This week we bring interviews and impressions for Trials: Rising and Far Cry: New Dawn. In What We’re Playing we have impressions for Future Grind and old TV show video games.
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Another cross platform game for the PS4, EA’s troubles with Star Wars, Bungie and Activision get a divorce, along with a ton of written reviews, and a PS Nation World Tour in #AskPSNation.
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With Dave out on assignment, Josh and MJC are here to talk about PS4 sales figures and an Overwatch character coming out of the closet. And in #AskPSNation we discuss Josh’s worst fear, video games being taken off digital shelves.
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Happy New Year! Light news week. Lots of TV and movie talk. More #askpsnation feedback from the community.
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