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New Releases. Retro City Rampage hits the PSP. New Sonic game announced. Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 details. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2 hitting PS4 this week. Nintendo PlayStation update. What we’re playing and watching. Around PS Nation. Emails. Comedian is Jay Mohr. http://psnation.com
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New releases. Extra Life prize update. Interview with Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid. Western release confirmed for Berserk. Some diversity coming to Farming Simulator 17. Hitman targets Gary Busey. What we’re playing and watching. Around PS Nation. Review of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Review of Altered Minds (DVD). Comedian is Dana Gould. http://psnation.com
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Andy and Jason return in Episode 3 to talk about Andy's trip to E3, Fanime Con, what we've been playing, and Jason's Review of Grand Kingdom for the PS Vita and PS4. The Anime of the month is FLCL. Royalty-free intro music care of bensound.com
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New Release. Brawlout coming to PS4. Mantis Burn Racing coming to PS4. Release date and details announced for F1 2016. Drinkbox releasing Vita game bundle. Adam Boyes leaving PlayStation. What we’re playing and watching. Around PS Nation. Review of Disney Infinity 3.0 Finding Dory Playset. Emails. Comedian is Doug Benson. http://psnation.com
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New releases. Batman: Return to Arkham delayed. Bioshock: The Collection officially revealed. Alienation got a huge update. PS+ July update. Around PS Nation. What we’re playing and watching. Arcade trip. Emails. Comedian is Eugene Mirman. http://psnation.com
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