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What We're Playing. Raiden III (PS2) Review. Where the hell are the PSN Games?? News. Insomniac adds a fan into Ratchet and Clank:Future Tools. What's new on the PS3 Store. Blu Ray releases for the week. Jarrod's Review of Dragon's Lair on Blu Ray.
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What are we playing. Jarrod's thoughts on Final Fantasy 11 (360). Torgo Reviews Mortal Kombat II from the PS3 Store. Jarrod Reviews The Godfather: The Don's Edition.News. What's new on the PS Store. Blu-Ray New Releases. Review of District B13 on Blu-Ray.
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Torgo uses a microphone made to hear conversations on Jupiter.What we're playing.Review of Fight Night Round 3 and Enchanted Arms.News.Review of The Great Raid on Blu Ray
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Review of flOw.3 new exclusives from Namco Bandai?Rock Band announced.GTA IV teaser trailer released.Ninja Gaiden Sigma Details.New content announced for Motorstorm, Resistance, Ridge Racer 7, and GenjiCasino Royale on Blu-Ray is the 1st HD movie to break the Amazon Top Ten.80GB PS3 in the works?
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