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New Releases. News. What We’re Playing. Update on Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath from Stewart Gilray. Review of NBA 2K11. Review of GoW: Ghost of Sparta. Voicemail and Emails. Comedian is John Heffron.
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New Releases. News. Extra Life/What We’re Playing. Review of the Netflix App. Impressions of Dead Nation. Emails and Voicemail. Comedian is Brian Posehn.
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Website update. New Releases. Interview for MAG 2.0. News. What We're Playing. Reviews for Ys Seven, KH Birth by Sleep, Cladun, and NHL 11. Voicemail. Comedian is Greg Giraldo.
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New Releases. Extra Life details. News. NYC Comic Con report. What We’re Playing. Review of Medal of Honor. Review of FIFA 11. Comedy clip is from Bob and Brian.
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New Releases. Extra Life! Interview for Medal of Honor. What We're Playing. Reviews of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Sonic Adventure, and Kung-Fu Rider. Emails. Comedian is Greg Giraldo.
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