We Just Like Games
Audio from our very first Live Show. Hosts include Scott Sauer from the Gamers Only Older podcast, Sara Sauer, Jessie Senger from the Sisters in Gaming podcast, Mark Senger, and Glenn Percival.
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Emails.Interview with Kyle Shubel for Killzone 2.News.New Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.Listener Review of Astro Tripper.Hands-On with Persona 4.Listener Review of Quantum of Solace.What We're Playing.
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Emails.A Call to a Friend.News.New Release.Blu Ray New Releases.Review of Call of Duty World at War.Review of The Dark Knight on Blu Ray.What We're Playing.
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Emails and Voicemails.News.New Releases.PSN Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.Expanded What We're Playing.
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