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New Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.News.Emails and Voicemails.Review of Patapon 2.What We're Playing.E3 Plans.
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Emails.News.New Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.Hands-On with the Final Fantasy XIII Demo.Review of Riddick:Assault on Dark Athena.Text-to-Francois Review of Guitar Hero Metallica.What We're Playing.
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Emails.Update from Lorin Baumgarten from Furious Gamer.News.New Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.Review of Samurai Shodown Anthology for PSP and PS2.PS Nation Text-to-Speech review of Wanted: Weapons of Fate.Hands-on with Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.Fat Princess Closed Beta slots to give away.What We're Playing.
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Emails.News.New Release.Blu Ray New Releases.Review of Resistance Retribution.Review of Burn Zombies Burn.Review of Hammerin' Hero.What We're Playing.Podcast Updates.
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Emails.News.New Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.Review of Demon's Soul.Review of Worms.What We're Playing.Comedian is Dana Gould.
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