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Michael and Dave dive deep into Sony's purchase of Insomniac Games and the future of Spiderman, Rachet and Clank and Resistance. Bit Bash recap and what were playing and watching. Plus your #askpsnation questions.
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It's a short episode this week as MJC and Dave prepare for the fall game rush. We spend some time talking about multiplatform and exclusivity future of games then dive into #AskPSnation.
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Michael and Dave dive into the cross play beta news for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Gamescom news, new releases and what we’re playing and watching. We find out what Michael and Dave did during free time in high school. #askpsnation
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Glenn talks Turbografx Mini, the Polymega retro console, Luminary podcast player stealing and profiting from our content, Iron Man VR, Blazing Chrome, Alita: Battle Angel, MGC 2020, and much more.
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Fresh off vacation, Dave joins MJC and they spend a lot of time talking PS4 sales figures. MJC reviews both the SnakeByte Headset 4 Pro and Turtle Beach Recon Spark headsets while Dave dives into his backlog with Uncharted Lost Legacy.
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