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Emails and Voicemail.News.New Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.AWA Convention.Review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for PS3 and PSP.Hands-on with Ygddra Union.Review of Buzz Quiz TV for PS3.Review of Nullriver Medialink.What We're Playing.Extra Life Charity Drive.Theme Music Contest.
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Emails and Voicemails.Interview for NBA 09 The Inside.News.New Releases.PSN New Releases.Blu Ray New Releases.Guest Review of NHL 09.Review of Jeopardy.Hands-On with SW:The Force Unleashed on PSP and PS3.Review of the new DLC for Pain.What We Are Playing.Kill Bill on Blu Ray.Extra Life Charity.Theme Song Contest.
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Jem joins us from the future.Emails and voicemail.Extra Life Charity.News.New Releases.New on the PSN Store.Blu Ray New Releases.Leipzig and PAX Roundup.Review of Disgaea 3.Hands-on with Socom Confrontation.Re-review of Novastrike.What We're Playing.Theme Song Contest Reminder.
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Dale Kulas joins us.Voicemails.Emails.Dale tells us about the On Tap Podcast.News.New Releases.New on the PSN Store.Blu Ray New Releases.Preview of NBA 09 The Inside for PSP.Review of Mercenaries 2 on PS3.Hands-On with Disgaia 3 on PS3.What We're Playing.
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