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Rey and Glenn discuss their first few days with the PS5
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Dale Kulas joins Glenn, and sits-in for Rey to talk PS5 and XBOX Series, Glenn reviews Yakuza Like A Dragon, then tons of PS2! Check our new sponsor, manscaped.com and use Promo Code ‘TorgoHype’ for 20% off and free shipping! Extra Life!
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Rey and Glenn talk PS5 Backward Compatibility, PS4 Firmware fails, and prep for PS5. A Preview of Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Reviews of Torchlight 3 and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw +More! Comedian is Marc Maron
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Glenn and Rey discuss the PS5 Teardown, Cyberpunk going Gold, Trophy changes, PlayStation losing its identity, Star Wars Squadrons, and EXTRA LIFE! Comedian is Amy Schumer.
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Rey and Glenn come back after only a WEEK to discuss Microsoft purchasing Bethesda, messaging changing for the Series S, people buying the wrong X, storage expansion on the new consoles, Preorder debacles everywhere, and Amazon once again saying “us too”, and we read some emails. Comedian is Brian Regan
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Glenn and Rey discuss the newest PS5 presentation, pricing, and release date. Then we have Previews/Reviews of Immortals Fenyx Rising, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Project Cars 3, and MUCH more! Comedian is Ron White
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New reveals including Suicide Squad, CoD Cold War, and Ghost of Tsushima. PS5 Invites, new patch for Iron Man VR. Previews for Transformers, Ary and the Secret Of Seasons, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla +MORE!
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The release may have been delayed, but we still had some fun talking about CyberPunk, Pinball, and Star Wars. Then Glenn rages a bit about Internet Douchebaggery. 3 Reviews also included! Comedian is Kevin Pollack
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Rey and Glenn talk about some new PS5 rumors, while we’ve got hands-on with Watch Dogs Legion to discuss as well. Reviews for Crosscode, Iron Man VR, and Ghost of Tsushima. Comedian is Greg Geraldo. psnation.com
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The Official The Last of Us Podcast. Episode One drops on June 9th and we’ll be dropping new episodes of this limited series every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks. Subscribe now so you don't miss a thing.
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Rey and Glenn are joined by Stewart Gilray to give their thoughts and impressions after the PS5 Reveal, then Rey reviews The Last of Us Part 2. Comedian is Dave Attell
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Rey joins Glenn again to talk about the presentations for the Series X, PS5, and Ghost of Tsushima. Reviews for Ion Fury, Streets of Rage 4, Super Mega Baseball 3, Pixel Ripped 1995 (PSVR)
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Rey joins Glenn to talk about games that have all seemingly evolved from older iterations. Streets of Rage 4, Doom Eternal, modding the PlayStation Classic Mini, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Comedian is Dana Gould
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Glenn hosted a livestream to discuss the revealed Specs for the XBOX Series X and the PS5, then released it as a podcast! Comedian is Chris Hardwick
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Dale Kulas joins Glenn to talk James Bond, PlayStation Now, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, and a ton of Retro Gaming subjects. Also, we address a few questions from the community. Comedian is Bill Hicks.
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Both Jason and Rey join Glenn to talk about Dreams, PlayStation VR, movies, nerd stuff, and even answer a couple of emails! Comedian (by request) is Lewis Black
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Jason Roestel joins Glenn to talk about Death Stranding, Modern Warfare, a bunch of movies, and why Downtown Seattle is a toilet. Comedy Clip is from Monty Python, RIP Terry Jones
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