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Extra Life Raffle (building an app), Genesis Mini, Polymer, Dreamcast, SNK/Neo Geo news, Gears 5, Wreckfest, Control, Death Stranding, Modern Warfare beta, Community questions and topics!
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Michael is getting ready for vacation. Dave talks early Borderlands 3 impressions. Both talk Modern Warfare Beta and why we are enjoying it. More sports questions using #askpsnation
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Dave and MJC wonder why people are debating about the CROSS button and briefly talk about early TGS news including Resident Evil Project Resistance. MJC is still swinging his hammer In Monster Hunter while Dave hits the court in NBA 2K20.
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Torgo’s mixer can’t stop buzzing, but there’s a lot to discuss like the Extra Life raffle, GT Sport, Streets of Rage 4, Insomniac, and a bunch of topics submitted by the community.
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Dave is finally able to talk about his time in San Francisco playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. While MJC returns to the world of Monster Hunter in preparation for the upcoming Iceborne DLC. And as always your #AskPSNation questions.
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In a light news week MJC and Dave focus on Control, the latest game from Remedy Entertainment. Then the boyzzzzzzzzz tackle community questions in #AskPSNation and Dave finally saw Toy Story 4.
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