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New Releases. July update for PS+ in EU and US. Collector’s and Premium Editions coming for The Order 1886. Bungie responds to the Internet. PlayStation Now beta coming to select Sony TVs. What we’re playing and watching. Review of the Intercept DLC for Killzone Shadow Fall. Review of the Sly Cooper Collection on the Vita. Paypals. Emails. Glenn’s mic starts to fail. Comedian is Brian Posehn. http://psnation.com

9:10 - Guacamelee
14:35 - Strider
26:24 - Bloodborne
36:50 - The Order 1886
42:20 - Destiny
44:10 - PlayStation Now
50:54 - Battlefield Hardline
1:07:34 - Mutant Mudds Deluxe
Break music is from Streets of Rage
1:23:05 - Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept
1:37:01 - Sly Cooper Colletion (Vita)
Comedian is Brian Posehn
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