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New Releases. Spring Fever returns to PSN. Update on the Santa Monica Studios layoffs. PS Plus updates for March. GTA V “Business Update”. Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer free for a week. What We’re Playing and Watching. Movie talk. Impressions of Towerfall Ascension. MGC Updates. Impressions of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Review of Wicked Blood on Blu-ray. Emails. Comedian is Bob Goldthwait. http://psnation.com

3:50 - Putty Squad
10:01 - FEZ
26:10 - Titanfall
33:25 - Dead Nation Apocalypse
40:36 - Killzone Shadow Fall
45:50 - Thief
46:50 - Pac-Man Museum
1:29:00 - Battlefield 4
1:31:15 - Towerfall Ascension
Break music is from Towerfall Ascension
2:06:48 - South Park: The Stick of Truth
2:56:02 - Solvalou
Comedian is Bob Goldthwait
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