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New Releases. Vicki Lawrence joins us to talk ‘Mama’s Family’. News. GTA V prints its own money. PS4 will sell at a loss. Gaikai streaming of PS3 games coming in 2014.PS4 camera will allow for voice commands and gesture recognition. PS4 will allow video capture over HDMI. GTA V first impressions with Stewart Gilray. What We’re Playing and Watching. Extra Life update. Comedian is Ron White. http://psnation.com

3:48 - NBA Live 14
5:50 - Mama’s Family
57:10 - Madden NFL 25
Break Music is from Spriggan
1:16:00 - GTA V
2:50:30 - Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver
2:53:40 - Star Wars Pinball
Comedian is Ron White
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