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New Release. MLB 13 The Show Updates. Review of DmC: Devil May Cry. 2012 Golden Minecart Awards. MGC! Comedian is Paul F. Tompkins. http://psnation.com

2:29 - Ni No Kuni
3:39 - MLB 13 The Show
13:34 - DmC: Devil May Cry

2012 Golden Minecart Awards
Best HD Remake - PSN
Most Unique Title - PSN
Overall GOTY - PSN
Best Sports - PS Vita
Best Crossbuy Game
Best Newcomer - PS Vita
Best RPG/Strategy - PS Vita
Overall GOTY - PS Vita
Best Sports - PS3
Blast From The Past - PS3
Best HD Remake - PS3
Best Newcomer - PS3
Best Fighting Game - PS3
Best RPG - PS3
Best Racing - PS3
Best Multiplayer - PS3
Game of the Year - PS3

Comedian is Paul F. Tompkins
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