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New Releases. News. PS Nation Partners with Sony for Extra Life. Injustice Ultimate Edition coming to Vita and PS4. The Last Guardian is still under development. Sleeping Dogs follow-up is in the works. What We’re Playing and Watching. Review of ‘Resolution’ on Blu-ray. Review of GTA V. Review of ‘The Guild’ on DVD. Emails. NYCC Plans. Comedian is Kathleen Madigan. http://psnation.com

21:57 - Injustice Ultimate Edition
28:50 - The Last Guardian
33:28 - Triad Wars
53:40 - Worms Revolution Extreme
54:48 - Battlefield 4
57:00 - The Pinball Arcade
Break Music is from Shadow of the Colossus
1:31:02 - Grand Theft Auto V
Comedian is Kathleen Madigan
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