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New Releases. Interview with Ben McGraw for ‘Sully: A Very Serious RPG’. News. Season Passes are going to be the norm. Spend $50 on PSN, get $10 back. South Park gets a release date. Free games from PS+ in October. What We’re Playing and Watching. Review of Hot Wheel: World’s Best Driver. Review of Skydive: Proximity Flight. Review of Rain. Review of Berlin Job on Blu-ray. Review of the Mama’s Family DVD Box Set. Emails. Extra Life update. NYCC. Comedian is Bill Burr. http://psnation.com

10:32 - Sully: A Very Serious RPG
49:15 - Killzone Shadow Fall
54:39 - Batman: Arkham Origins
1:02:50 - South Park: The Stick of Truth
1:11:30 - Pac Man Championship Edition DX+
1:17:31 - GTA V
1:38:20 - CoD Black Ops II
1:43:10 - Rayman Origins
1:44:04 - Star Wars Pinball
Break music is from Beyond: Two Souls
2:11:25 - Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver
2:19:40 - Skydive Proximity Flight
2:34:00 - Rain
Comedian is Bill Burr
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