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Join us for Quest number 5, where we talk about what we've been playing and watching, a review of Hatsune Miku, the Anime of the Month: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the topic of the month
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New Releases. Rocket League Free Aqua Dome arena. Seasons After the Fall Coming to PS4. Playing and Watching. Around PS Nation. Review of Batman: The Telltale Series Ep 2. Review of Bioshock: The Collection. Emails. Comedian is Richard Jeni.
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New Releases. South Park Delayed.New LEGO Dimensions packs revealed. Played & Watched. Around PS Nation. Extra Life. Review of NHL 17. Adventures in 4K. Comedian is Adam Ferrara.
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New Releases. Mods won’t be supported in Fallout 4 on PS4. The Last Guardian delayed once more for old times sake. All of the games on the PSVR demo disc. Played & Watched. Around PS Nation. PlayStation Meeting report and impressions. Comedian is Brian Regan.
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New Releases. Overwatch Free Weekend. Batman: Return to Arkham Gets a New Release Date. Modern Warfare Remastered info and interview. Around PS Nation. CoD XP recap. Email. Comedian is Doug Benson.
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